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Converting to Propane Offers Clean, Green, Cheap Energy

Go GreenHome and business owners searching for a more economical energy alternative should investigate the many benefits of converting to propane. Northwest Propane Gas Company has earned a reputation as the premiere Dallas propane gas provider for both residential and commercial uses. With more than fifty years experience in providing propane gas products and delivery services, our goal is to make it simple and convenient to convert to propane to enjoy the many benefits it offers.

Save Money

Ever increasing energy costs pose a problem for almost everybody these days who are watching to ensure that their expenditures fit their budgets. If you have been feeling an increasing frustration when you see what you are paying for electricity or traditional fossil fuels as your main energy source, discover the cost savings of switching to propane. The average household notices a savings of at least $500 during the first year and as much as $1,000 with little to no upfront expenditure or investment necessary. Using residential propane gas, most homeowners can save as much as one-third off their water heating bills, usually the highest residential energy expenditure each year.

Less Pollution

Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels compared to traditional fossil fuels. When propane exits the vent, the only residue is a minimal amount of water and carbon dioxide. Because propane offers a non-toxic exhaust after burning, it creates less pollution in the environment which benefits everybody, but especially our children and future generations.


Not only can you convert to propane to provide the energy for heating your home or office, there are unlimited ways that propane engine conversion can make your life easier. Everything from lawn mower and tractor engines to generators, golf carts and commercial vehicle fleets can be converted to propane as a cleaner, greener source of operating fuel.

Get the Facts

To schedule a free, no obligation consultation about how converting to propane can benefit your home, office or commercial fleet, contact one of the friendly representatives at Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121. Customers are amazed at how simple we can make the conversion process in order to provide our customers with a less expensive, more versatile and cleaner fuel source.

Is Propane Gas Safe to Use?

Dallas TX propane refuelingThere are several reports online that propane is not as safe as other types of gas. As a homeowner that is concerned about safety, should this concern you? While all gas used for fuel is potentially fatal, the way that propane is stored makes it one of the safest gas types on the residential market.

At Northwest Propane Gas Company, we understand that homeowners need to be educated about this gas in order to feel safe when having it installed in their homes. Detailed below, several helpful facts about propane safety are listed to help you feel confident about your next propane gas refill.

Is Being Colorless and Odorless a Bad Idea?

When you see pro-natural gas literature online, one of the main points of contention is that natural  propane gas has no color or odor. However, what this type of information fails to point out is that all residential propane has a scent added to it to make it detectable. Furthermore, the equipment associated with propane used in homes is produced under rigid standards.

In other words, gas leaks are unlikely to happen with propane, and if they do, you will be able to smell it.

Will Leaking Propane Explode?

One other criticism of propane is that it will settle because it is denser than air. This is referred to as pooling, and this information is misleading in regards to residential propane. If there is a liquid propane leak, the substance will vaporize and dissipate.

What is overlooked is that having a propane leak pooling gas in your home still does not mean it is likely to explode. Instead, research shows that propane has a fairly limited range of flammability. The propane-to-air mixture percentage that must be obtained for an explosion to occur is 2.2 to 9.6. Anything outside of this range will mean that the mixture is either too rich or too poor to ignite. In other words, propane gas safety is not something that should concern a homeowner.

How Can Propane be Environmentally Friendly?

When you read about this gas on a website from a Dallas propane gas company, you may notice that local propane is made from natural gas or petroleum refining. Compared to other gases, propane is one of the cleanest burning petroleum-related products.

One other benefit to the environment is that propane will not pollute because it is nontoxic.

Finally, propane gets extra points from the Environmental Protection Agency because it does not contribute to the production of acid rain.

Make the Switch Today

Now that you have the information you need to understand the safety aspects of propane, you can call Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121 with other concerns you may have.


Safety Tips for Outdoor Propane Gas Grilling

Dallas Texas propane service


Gas grilling is one of the mainstays of summer cooking. There is nothing quite like the taste of a freshly seared steak, ear of corn, or burger hot off the grill. As your local Dallas propane gas company, we at Northwest Propane Gas Company, strive to help homeowners to have an enjoyable grilling experience by offering these safety tips for outdoor gas grilling.

Before Grilling

  • Check the grill hoses for signs of wear or damage.
  • Check burner tubes for insects, spiders and grease. Clean them if there’s any debris.
  • Check for gas leaks. Do not light the grill if you hear or smell a propane leak.

While Grilling

  • Do not grill in the garage, breezeway or any other enclosed or covered area. Grill at least ten feet away from any structure.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the grill. To dogs, the smell of the meat might be enticing enough to tempt them to grab it and get burned or catch fire.
  • Do not leave the grill unattended.
  • Keep long hair away from the grill. The smell of burning hair is unpleasant and you may become injured.
  • Keep long sleeves away from the grill’s flames.

After Grilling

  • Double check that the gas is shut off before storing the grill.
  • Allow the grill to cool off before putting it away or covering it.
  • Do not store the grill or any extra propane tanks near gasoline or anything that is flammable.
  • Store propane tanks in an upright position. Do not transport a full tank of propane in a hot enclosed space like a car trunk. The tank could explode as the gas expands from the heat.

Using propane gas is an energy efficient, affordable and fun way to prepare summer meals. At Northwest Propane Gas Company, our team is proud to serve the community’s need for residential propane for grills and other needs. For more information on the safe use of propane for your summertime grilling, give us a call today at 800-274-6121.


The Advantages of Propane Gas for Businesses

Commercial Propane GasAs a business owner/operator, you know the importance of a profitable investment. Therefore, you can appreciate a venture that caters to cost-effectiveness, environment safety, public health safety, and convenience. These are just some of the benefits you will experience using commercial propane gas as a fuel alternative.

Reasons to Use the Propane Alternative

  • Cost-Effectiveness. Most of the propane gas consumed in the United States is produced locally; therefore, it costs less to produce. Due to lower production costs, the savings are passed on to providers. Compared to natural gas, propane fuel produces a higher level of evenly distributed heat, causing vehicles and facilities to use less energy.
  • Environmental Safety. Propane gas is less harsh on the environment because it gives off less emissions into the air. Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, the carbon monoxide output is 30-90% less from propane-powered automobiles. By switching to commercial propane gas, there is also a 50% less chance of toxins and smog-causing substances in the atmosphere.
  • Public Health Safety. Less emissions in the air from automobiles and other devices that use fuel mean cleaner air. Clean air equates to a healthier atmosphere where people have less chance of inhaling disease-causing air pollutants.
  • Convenience. Propane gas can be used to operate your appliances, vehicles, and business. Pipelines already exist and the gas is stored in portable tanks. Larger tanks are available for servicing buildings.

Make the Switch

The decision to switch to propane gas is a lifelong investment. Because it works harder than its counterparts, your vehicles and facilities become more energy-efficient. Therefore, less time and money are spent on purchasing and refueling.

As your Dallas propane gas provider, we know you’re concerned about maintaining your profits, the environment, and people’s health.To find out how to order propane gas, just call the Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121.

Never Run Out of Propane Fuel Again

Propane Tank RefillWhen you count on propane for cooking and staying warm during cold winter nights, you cannot afford to run out. However, it’s so hard to remember to call in your order for more propane. While companies like Northwest Propane Gas Company are proud to offer same-day service to refill your tank fast, it’s better to avoid running out of propane in the first place. With their Auto Fill/ Never Out program, you can trust that you will always have the gas you need.

Remote Monitoring

An experienced Dallas propane gas company understands the importance of remote monitoring of your propane levels. They use seasonal estimates to schedule refills at times when you are most likely to need them. However, you can also choose satellite fuel level monitoring to ensure that you never run out. Your delivery size will always be exactly what you need, and that allows you to get the best pricing on your propane gas refill.

Automatic Delivery

Whether you choose estimated deliveries or the exact science of remote monitoring by satellite, you can trust that your next delivery of propane will arrive before you run out. You will not have to deal with the trauma of running out of propane right before a storm hits, and you will always have the levels you need to make dinner or run the dryer.

Easier Budgeting

Another advantage of the automatic refill system is that it’s easier to budget. When you wait until the tank runs dry and then have to pay for a full tank, it can hit your budget hard. If you know that a delivery is coming once every three months, then you can set money aside for the payment. It makes it easier to keep your propane tank refill budget on track and fitting nicely with your household budget.

Make Northwest Propane Gas Company your propane supplier and you will never again have to worry about running out of propane. They have estimated use systems to ensure that your propane needs are met, or you can invest in satellite monitoring to maximize your refills. Call Northwest today at 800-274-6121 to learn more about their Auto Fill/ Never Out program and start reaping the benefits.

Why Propane is a Cleaner Fuel

Offered by Northwest Propane Gas Company, a reputable Dallas propane gas company, propane is a commercial engine fuel that has been powering more than 4 million commercial transport vehicles for more than 80 years. It is the third most widely used vehicle fuel next to diesel and gasoline fuel. Considered as a green fuel choice, propane is clean, safe, cost-effective, and reliable.

Propane: A Cleaner Fuel

Also known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), propane is a 3-carbon alkane gas. It is a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing and is stored under moderate pressure, which keeps it in its liquid state. Considered as a greener alternative to refined fuels and other petroleum products, propane is a clean and environment-friendly fuel.

Go Green

The specific features of propane fuel include:

  • It produces emissions that surpass the required evaluations for cleaner fuel vehicles and exceed the expectations for all eco-friendly aspects.
  • It decreases smog-producing exhaust by approximately 70%.
  • It is high in octane rating and comes with excellent properties for spark-ignited combustion engines.
  • Its properties are nontoxic and present no threat to groundwater, surface water, soil, plants, animals, or even humans.
  • Since it is a clean-burning and low carbon fuel, it produces less greenhouse gas, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon emissions.
  • It is high in energy density, allowing propane-powered vehicles go farther with just one tank of propane fuel.
  • It is also considered as an exceptionally safe fuel. A propane tank is 20 times more resistant to punctures than the gasoline tanks and has the lowest flammability level than all other fuels.

With all the features offered by using propane fuel, it is only practical to run your vehicle on propane. With the help of the Northwest Propane Gas Company, you can start enjoying the clean and environmentally friendly benefits of propane fuel.

We are an authorized repair center and distributor of propane fuel. We offer excellent commercial fleet services, which include engine conversions and fueling stations. To learn more about your options on how to make your vehicle more energy- and fuel-efficient, call us now at 800-274-6121.

Benefits of Underground Propane Tanks

At Northwest Propane Gas, we’re proud to install underground tanks that hold propane, a low-carbon energy source made in the U.S. As a gas, propane doesn’t pool or spill anywhere, and it is eco-friendly thanks to its reduced emissions output compared to diesel, electricity, and gasoline. There are no concerns of contamination if propane were to escape from a tank, but it’s also nice to know that the gas is non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

Propane: The Clean Fuel Alternative

Since 1990, the Clean Air Act has established propane as a clean form of fuel. Propane is so pure and clean that it’s actually colorless and almost odorless. To ease detection of leaks, propane manufacturers add odors to it.

Underground Tank Storage: The Best Option

Storage of propane in on-site underground tanks is perfect for homeowners in search of a reliable, eco-friendly form of energy that powers the entire home. Between above-ground and underground propane tanks, the latter is the more popular option, for several reasons:

  • The installation of any tank is performed according to standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, which handles fire and building safety codes around the world.
  • Stored underground, residential propane gas tanks are a hands-off solution for homeowners because we, the retailer, handle installation and maintenance over the life of the tanks, which last for decades.
  • Our delivery technicians can reach tank fittings easily on underground tanks by way of a small dome on each tank that is almost invisible above ground.
  • A cathodic protection system protects underground propane tanks from electrolysis and consequent erosion. This is commonly required by local safety codes.
  • Underground tanks, which can be as small as 125 gallons and as large as 1,000, are best stored in the consistently cool temperatures below ground rather than in the elements above ground.

Underground Dallas propane gas storage is affordable to install and maintain. Propane is also quickly becoming popular with eco-conscious consumers because it creates far less greenhouse gas compared to other forms of fuel.

For more information about underground propane storage, contact us, the Northwest Propane Gas Company, at 800-274-6121.

Winter Safety Tips for Using Propane Gas

Heat your home and operate appliances with affordable, safe propane. Convenient delivery is available from Northwest Propane Gas Company, and you can keep your home warm throughout the winter with extra energy efficiency. Use these tips to ensure that you also stay safe during and after winter storms this year.

A Steady Supply

The last thing you want is to run out of propane during a storm. With roads closed in the aftermath of any serious storm, deliveries may be delayed. Sign up for regular deliveries to ensure that you don’t run out of propane, and make sure that you don’t allow the level in your tank to drop below 30%.

Check Your Heating System and Propane Appliances

Have your furnace and propane appliances inspected at least once a year to ensure that they are running efficiently. This will help you save money on Dallas propane gas, and it will ensure that you are using the gas safely and efficiently.

Beware of Ice

Residential propane gas is safe to use, but you should still take care when ice storms move through the Dallas area. Check chimneys, vent connectors, flue pipes, and propane tanks for blockages or damage from the ice and snow. If necessary, use a broom to clear snow away from areas to prevent carbon monoxide gas from backing up into your home. An abundance of carbon monoxide can result in health problems and fatal explosions.

Post-Storm Inspection

When you check the area after a storm, make sure you also look at the propane tank to be sure it is not damaged. If you find downed power lines, damage to the tank, or damaged gas lines, call a professional service immediately to correct the problem.

The Right Tool for the Job

If you should lose power during a storm, never use outdoor-approved propane appliances indoors. They are not vented properly to protect you from carbon monoxide gas, and using them indoors will put your family in danger. Only use space heaters and other propane appliances that are approved for indoor use.

Whether you are ordering propane fuel for an existing tank or need a new tank for the property, trust Northwest Propane Gas Company to provide you with the services you need. Offering residential and commercial services, we offer new customer set ups, repairs, maintenance, and propane delivery. Call us today at 800-274-6121 to see how we can take care of all your propane needs.

Using Propane Gas for Motor Fuel

Propane FuelEnjoy the benefits of running your car on propane with help from Northwest Propane Gas Company. We offer engine conversion services so that you can enjoy the clean-burning and environmentally friendly features of using propane as motor fuel. Save money on fuel and lower maintenance costs with this type of engine conversion.

If you’ve considered using Dallas propane gas to run your car, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Protect and Preserve the Engine – Regular gas creates carbon deposits that build up on the engine and shorten its life. With clean-burning propane, there are no deposits to harm your engine or lower efficiency levels. With a fuel that’s already a vapor, the engine is started at a true idle instead of a full throttle. Easier on the engine and all the components, your system will last longer.
  • Eliminate the Need for Additives – Additives are used to keep the system from gumming up and help the gas burn cleaner. With clean propane, there’s no need to spend money on additives.
  • Dependability – If there’s a natural disaster, shipments of gas are often delayed or interrupted. People in the northeast learned this after hurricane Sandy when shipments were unable to get to the stations. With propane motor fuel, the propane is already in position and ready to go. It can be stored safely for years, so it’s one of the most dependable choices on the market.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Traditional cars emit a high level of carbon monoxide, but clean burning propane does not. It’s better for the car, your family, and the environment.
Propane Motor Fuel Stations

We are dedicated to making ordering propane gas easy and efficient. If you decide to run your local fleet on propane gas, we will supply you with a refueling facility and the training necessary to use it. The underground tanks will be filled when needed, and you will have a pump that’s as easy to use as the one at the gas station.

Northwest Propane Gas Company is an authorized distributor and repair center for propane motor fuel. We are prepared to help you with the engine conversion and the fueling stations. We offer quality commercial fleet services and we can help you save by converting the public transportation in your area. Call us today at 800-274-6121 to see how we can help you make your cars more fuel-efficient and energy efficient.

How to Order More Propane Gas

Refilling Propane GasPropane gas is used by countless numbers of people to stay warm during the winter when they do not have access to the city’s gas lines. Northwest Propane Gas Company is here to assist our current and future customers with all of the services that they need in regards to propane gas.

Ordering propane gas is not a difficult process. In fact, we make the process much simpler than our competitors. The only thing that you really have to do is contact us when you notice that you are running low on propane. We will take care of everything else, including filling up the tank for you at the time that we schedule when you call. Our philosophy is to meet our customer’s needs, not making our customers meet our needs.

We also offer routine deliveries of propane to your home or business. Many customers have found that this is the easiest way to continue to have enough propane without having to worry. We can create a schedule that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Once we have a schedule in place, we will arrive promptly on the delivery date to refill your tank.

If your home heating requires propane gas, you do need to monitor your usage during the winter months. Few customers ever run out of propane when we have routine deliveries to make, but it can happen to anyone. Colder weather may increase the amount of propane that homeowners use to keep their homes warm, so it is important to do a periodic check of your propane levels. We can teach you how to perform this task, and we will do whatever it takes to prevent you from running out of propane when you need it most.

There are many suppliers of Dallas propane gas, but we are the leader. We provide unbeatable customer service, prompt and knowledgeable delivery services, and routine maintenance when necessary. Northwest Propane Gas Company wants to be your propane gas supplier, so call us at 800-274-6121 to schedule an appointment.