Motor Fuel Conversion

Propane Motor Fuel Could Be Right For You

Propane Motor FuelIf you drive a vehicle that runs on propane motor fuel, also known as liquid petroleum gas or LPG, you already know about the cost savings in comparison to traditional gasoline. You probably also know that it is cleaner and causes much less wear on your engine than gasoline. In fact, LPG is the one of the most-used motor fuels in the world behind gasoline and diesel, and is used by many commercial fleets for its cost savings and clean-burning properties.

Cleaner Burning Alternative Fuel

If you are driving a gas or diesel vehicle, you may wonder how to get propane motor fuel. And you may have questions about how readily available Dallas propane fuel sources will be if you do convert your engine. Propane specialists can explain the benefits and trade-offs involved in running on LPG and can answer all your questions about how to switch over.

Conversions are possible, but it is important to weigh your potential benefits against the costs of any conversion that you may be considering. Tax benefits may be available at the state or federal level to help defray the costs, and long-term savings may help to balance the equation in favor of conversion from traditional gasoline.

One of the best sources for Dallas propane, whether as a motor fuel or for filling portable propane tanks for grilling, is Northwest Propane. Call them today at 972-247-6121. They can answer questions about any propane use issues as well as the costs and benefits of switching to cleaner-burning propane motor fuel.

Converting to Propane Offers Clean, Green, Cheap Energy

Go GreenHome and business owners searching for a more economical energy alternative should investigate the many benefits of converting to propane. Northwest Propane Gas Company has earned a reputation as the premiere Dallas propane gas provider for both residential and commercial uses. With more than fifty years experience in providing propane gas products and delivery services, our goal is to make it simple and convenient to convert to propane to enjoy the many benefits it offers.

Save Money

Ever increasing energy costs pose a problem for almost everybody these days who are watching to ensure that their expenditures fit their budgets. If you have been feeling an increasing frustration when you see what you are paying for electricity or traditional fossil fuels as your main energy source, discover the cost savings of switching to propane. The average household notices a savings of at least $500 during the first year and as much as $1,000 with little to no upfront expenditure or investment necessary. Using residential propane gas, most homeowners can save as much as one-third off their water heating bills, usually the highest residential energy expenditure each year.

Less Pollution

Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels compared to traditional fossil fuels. When propane exits the vent, the only residue is a minimal amount of water and carbon dioxide. Because propane offers a non-toxic exhaust after burning, it creates less pollution in the environment which benefits everybody, but especially our children and future generations.


Not only can you convert to propane to provide the energy for heating your home or office, there are unlimited ways that propane engine conversion can make your life easier. Everything from lawn mower and tractor engines to generators, golf carts and commercial vehicle fleets can be converted to propane as a cleaner, greener source of operating fuel.

Get the Facts

To schedule a free, no obligation consultation about how converting to propane can benefit your home, office or commercial fleet, contact one of the friendly representatives at Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121. Customers are amazed at how simple we can make the conversion process in order to provide our customers with a less expensive, more versatile and cleaner fuel source.

Using Propane Gas for Motor Fuel

Propane FuelEnjoy the benefits of running your car on propane with help from Northwest Propane Gas Company. We offer engine conversion services so that you can enjoy the clean-burning and environmentally friendly features of using propane as motor fuel. Save money on fuel and lower maintenance costs with this type of engine conversion.

If you’ve considered using Dallas propane gas to run your car, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Protect and Preserve the Engine – Regular gas creates carbon deposits that build up on the engine and shorten its life. With clean-burning propane, there are no deposits to harm your engine or lower efficiency levels. With a fuel that’s already a vapor, the engine is started at a true idle instead of a full throttle. Easier on the engine and all the components, your system will last longer.
  • Eliminate the Need for Additives – Additives are used to keep the system from gumming up and help the gas burn cleaner. With clean propane, there’s no need to spend money on additives.
  • Dependability – If there’s a natural disaster, shipments of gas are often delayed or interrupted. People in the northeast learned this after hurricane Sandy when shipments were unable to get to the stations. With propane motor fuel, the propane is already in position and ready to go. It can be stored safely for years, so it’s one of the most dependable choices on the market.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Traditional cars emit a high level of carbon monoxide, but clean burning propane does not. It’s better for the car, your family, and the environment.
Propane Motor Fuel Stations

We are dedicated to making ordering propane gas easy and efficient. If you decide to run your local fleet on propane gas, we will supply you with a refueling facility and the training necessary to use it. The underground tanks will be filled when needed, and you will have a pump that’s as easy to use as the one at the gas station.

Northwest Propane Gas Company is an authorized distributor and repair center for propane motor fuel. We are prepared to help you with the engine conversion and the fueling stations. We offer quality commercial fleet services and we can help you save by converting the public transportation in your area. Call us today at 800-274-6121 to see how we can help you make your cars more fuel-efficient and energy efficient.

Motor Fuel Conversion in North Texas with Northwest Propane

As the leading alternative fuel in the nation, there are many reasons to convert to propane gas. Whether saving you much-need money off of fuel cost or increasing the lifespan of your engine, the benefits of propane gas are staggering. When you are contemplating making the switch in North Texas, our Dallas TX propane experts at Northwest Propane can assist you, offering our superior service to meet all your propane needs and ensure your satisfaction.

With propane fuel, you can save money off fuel costs, as compared to gasoline and diesel. By increasing your engine life, you can decrease on maintenance for your vehicle, saving you from countless trips to the mechanic for various services. Propane is also extremely environmentally-friendly, allowing you to rest easy knowing that fueling your fleet isn’t destroying the atmosphere. And with 90 percent of our propane produced in the United States, with 1/3 made in Texas, you will know that you are supporting your local economy and lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

When considering a motor fuel conversion to propane gas, there are many factors to be considered. Our Dallas TX propane company can walk you through it, explaining the benefits of propane at every step. For additional information regarding motor fuel conversion in Dallas and the surrounding area, give us a call at 972-247-6121 or contact us online today.