Propane Gas

7 Ways to Benefit From Propane Gas Service

WhoGreen Energy doesn’t want to save money, energy, and headache when thinking of energy? At Northwest Propane, we encourage homeowners to discover the array of benefits they can enjoy from propane gas service. It’s the most common method for residential alternative fuel, and for good reason.

1. Efficiency

First and foremost, propane is an incredibly efficient way to run your home, as it reduces waste much better than electricity. Propane gas stoves, for example, operate concentrated flames that don’t emit unnecessary heat. Likewise, gas water heaters effectively heat the water as it’s flowing to be used.

2. Reliability

Propane easily powers high-performance appliances without the hassle of electric burnouts. You enjoy a constant source for quick cooking, and you don’t have to worry about outages.

3. Better Cooking

Not only do you enjoy uninterrupted cooking, but propane stoves provide much more accurate temperatures compared to electric models. They reduce heat loss, provide even distribution, and offer an overall faster cooking time.

4. Safety

Having a propane gas service means keeping your family safe. Choose to have your tank buried underground to keep it out of the way. Propane is a non-toxic fuel, so it doesn’t contaminate your water supply.

5. Convenience

Who enjoys the runaround from public electric companies? Your propane service comes with easy account services and real-life technicians who handle installation and refilling. You can even opt for the extra convenience of a tankless water heater to save on space.

6. Reduced Footprint

Compared to most common fuel sources, propane emits far less greenhouse emissions, so it’s friendly on the environment. It’s even an approved alternate fuel source under the EPA’s Clean Air Act.

7. Money Savings

Ultimately, propane is cost-effective, especially in the long run. Propane appliances are less expensive to operate than electric models, and because they’re so efficient, you save even more without changing your habits.

To enjoy all of the benefits of propane gas service, contact Northwest Propane at [phone].

Top Five Reasons for Choosing to Purchase a Gas Stove

gas stove

gas stove

Many people choose to purchase a gas stove because it offers a traditional cooking method with many distinct advantages. At Northwest Propane, our customers report that gas stoves provide reliable cooking results and a less expensive source of heat and energy for preparing meals.


Cost, Cooking, and Reliability Advantages


Turning on a gas stove produces an instant and constant flame that you can visually adjust. You do not have to wonder if the stove is off or on, cold or hot, or if the setting is correct. The top five reasons for choosing gas stove cooking include:


  1. Evenly distributed heat. The flame is centralized, allowing for even distribution of heat to the cookware. This reduces scorching and uneven cooking.
  2. Faster cooking time. Because gas heats up immediately, it takes less time to cook your food. In addition, the ability to adjust the temperature from high to low allows you to prepare your meals faster.
  3. Accurate cooking temperature. Gas stoves align the temperature to the recommended requirements in recipes and cookbooks. Adjusting the flame with the turn of a dial transmits the heat changes to the cookware instantaneously.
  4. Lower heat emissions. Gas stoves emit less wasted heat, maintaining a cool environment in your home because the flame and the heat it emits disappear when turned off.
  5. Power Outage Protection. If the power goes out in your home, you can still cook a meal on your stove because gas lines are not typically affected.


Making Your Decision Simple


With a variety of features and conveniences, gas stove cooking provides a less expensive and quicker way to prepare your meals. At Northwest Propane, we believe that when you take into consideration the gas stove advantages, including consistently good cooking results, savings on household bills, and their eco-friendly status, your choice to purchase a gas stove is an uncomplicated one. Call us today at 1-800-274-6121 for more information on our commitment to service.

Summer Safety Tips for Propane Grills

Propane GrillingThere’s nothing like standing on your patio, grilling a few burgers, and enjoying the warm summer air. However, if you have a propane grill, what was originally a peaceful, summer evening could turn into a disaster if you don’t take certain precautions. At Northwest Propane, we recommend following several basic safety guidelines every time you get out your grill to cook.

Stay Safe

To ensure that you don’t end up with a dangerous situation on your hands as you grill this summer:

  • Follow the instructions. Before you clean, assemble, or store your grill, make sure that you always refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep your grill in a safe place. If kept in the wrong place, your propane grill could become a fire hazard. When you are looking or a place to position the grill, make sure that the spot is at least five feet away from your house and clear from overhead trees, patio furniture, and other potentially flammable items.
  • Light it right. When you’re lighting your grill, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always make sure that the lid is open and that you don’t lean over the grates during this process.
  • Use proper relighting procedures. If your flame goes out, turn off your grill and refer back to your manufacturer’s instructions for guidance. For most grills, you should keep the lid open and wait about 15 minutes before starting the relighting process.

Additionally, never leave your grill unattended. While you’re cooking, don’t stray more than a few feet away from your grill and pay close attention to your food’s progress.

Get Answers to Your Questions

If you have questions about proper propane safety this summer, we would be more than happy to provide you with the information you’ve been looking for. You can contact us at Northwest Propane today by calling 800-274-6121.

Exploring Propane vs Natural Gas

Propane vs Natural GasFuel is a critical source of energy for many homes and businesses across the nation. Without adequate fuel to provide energy for vital everyday living, certain aspects of life could become increasingly difficult or nearly impossible. Understanding the differences of propane vs natural gas can help any individual determine why the first is a prime source of fuel. Northwest Propane is a leading supplier in the industry and we have built our company upon a professional business model. We can provide you with all of your fuel needs no matter the quantity. Here are some of the reasons why Dallas propane can be beneficial for you.

Energy and Cost

Because fuel is an expensive necessity, many people desire to get the most out of their dollar when purchasing in quantities. The output of energy per dollar is higher when dealing with propane vs natural gas. Simply put, smaller amounts of propane are required to energize certain components than would be required of natural gas. Studies have shown that propane is nearly 2.5 times as energy efficient as its counterpart.


When compared with other sources of fuel, propane can be a lot safer. The scope of flammability is a lot smaller than many other fuel sources. Additionally, it comes from the tank in the form of vapor instead of liquid which automatically increases levels of safety.

Life of Appliances

Many appliances required for comfortable day-to-day living can be costly and frustrating to repair or replace. Dallas propane is an excellent source of fuel because it helps keep appliances clean which may help them to last longer. Additionally, since it is a clean burning fuel, users everywhere can be confident they are taking active measures to protect the environment.

When looking into propane vs natural gas, it is important to consider why so many people are choosing to use propane. Here at Northwest Propane, we are ready to begin assisting you in using this great source of fuel. Give us a call today at 800-274-6121.



Just What Is Propane Anyway?

What Is PropaneHave you ever cooked a juicy steak on a modern grill or used a portable heater? If so, you have probably used propane before. If you have ever wondered, “What is propane?”  the answer may surprise you. Propane gas is a byproduct of the petroleum or natural gas refining process, but it is most often transported in the form of a liquid and not a gas. Some low emission vehicles are fueled by propane, but it is most commonly associated with backdoor barbecues. Northwest Propane supplies the Dallas area with high enough quality propane to fuel vehicles such as buses.

History and Uses of Propane

Propane was first discovered in 1910 by an official working for the US Bureau of Mines. It was discovered in gasoline and was classified as a volatile gaseous component. After further study, it was found that the gas could be compressed enough to liquid and was an excellent and compact form of fuel. For those who wonder, “What is propane good for?” there are many reasons why this unique gas makes an excellent source of fuel:

  • It is easily compressed into liquid for storage or transportation purposes.
  • Propane burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel.
  • It has a low boiling point which means the liquid vaporizes as soon as it contacts air.
  • Purchasing large quantities is less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • The fumes are non-toxic.

Purchasing Propane

Because propane is such an important source of fuel, it is easy to understand why companies like Northwest Propane are so concerned with providing the highest quality product they can to clients. Now you have a better idea of just what is propane and understand its relevance in the modern world. To purchase Dallas propane for your personal or commercial use, call us at 800-274-6121 to receive more information about ordering.


Proper Maintenance of Underground Propane Tanks

Underground Propane Tanks

There are numerous benefits associated with underground propane tanks. They hold a lot of propane, keep energy flowing to your home, and they are generally kept out of sight and out of mind. Even though you don’t see your propane tank on a regular basis, it is still vital to take good care of it. Our technicians at Northwest Propane can help you take proper care of your underground tank through vigilance and professional maintenance.

Be Vigilant

Though most of your tank is located underground, there will be a small portion visible above ground that can give you vital readings of the tank. Even though a leak will not generally cause too much harm, it is still important to be aware of any smells coming from your tank, as this can indicate a problem. If you check your tank regularly, try to take note of the propane levels and whether or not they are going down too fast.

Call a Professional

Underground propane tanks still need regular maintenance, but this should be carried out by a professional. Our Dallas propane technicians can help ensure that your tank is in buried properly, properly filled, and in good working order. You should always call on a professional before attempting to access the tank yourself. Proper maintenance means your tank should last for years.

Even underground propane tanks need proper, professional maintenance. Our technicians at Northwest Propane are ready to help you take good care of your underground tank. Call us with any service questions at 800-274-6121.


When in Need of a Propane Refill, Only the Best Will Do

Propane RefillPropane is responsible for powering a number of machines, from cars and trucks to furnaces and stoves. Propane offers many benefits over traditional power sources such as electricity, including reduced costs and more efficient use of energy. When seeking a propane refill, you need a Dallas propane company that has a proven record of success. Northwest Propane is a company that offers customers the knowledge that goes with years of experience in the propane business.

What can Propane Do for You?

Propane has many uses suitable to a home environment. Propane water heaters offer unmatched efficiency, especially when compared to their electric counterparts. Furnaces can also be powered by propane, which actually costs far less than traditionally powered furnaces. Common household appliances, such as grills and cooking ranges, can also run on propane. Even cars and trucks can be powered by propane, making it a great alternative energy source.

Never Go Without

With so many propane-powered devices available, you’ll want to find a propane refill company that you can rely on. Northwest Propane is just such a service, offering fast and courteous service each and every time. These dedicated technicians will even deliver propane to your home, ensuring that you never run out. With features like automatic billing, your propane needs will be met time and again by our staff of propane experts.

When in need of a propane refill, Northwest Propane is your go to choice for great service. Contact us at 972-247-6121 and talk to an experienced technician today.

Propane Motor Fuel Could Be Right For You

Propane Motor FuelIf you drive a vehicle that runs on propane motor fuel, also known as liquid petroleum gas or LPG, you already know about the cost savings in comparison to traditional gasoline. You probably also know that it is cleaner and causes much less wear on your engine than gasoline. In fact, LPG is the one of the most-used motor fuels in the world behind gasoline and diesel, and is used by many commercial fleets for its cost savings and clean-burning properties.

Cleaner Burning Alternative Fuel

If you are driving a gas or diesel vehicle, you may wonder how to get propane motor fuel. And you may have questions about how readily available Dallas propane fuel sources will be if you do convert your engine. Propane specialists can explain the benefits and trade-offs involved in running on LPG and can answer all your questions about how to switch over.

Conversions are possible, but it is important to weigh your potential benefits against the costs of any conversion that you may be considering. Tax benefits may be available at the state or federal level to help defray the costs, and long-term savings may help to balance the equation in favor of conversion from traditional gasoline.

One of the best sources for Dallas propane, whether as a motor fuel or for filling portable propane tanks for grilling, is Northwest Propane. Call them today at 972-247-6121. They can answer questions about any propane use issues as well as the costs and benefits of switching to cleaner-burning propane motor fuel.

Choose Northwest Propane Tank Installation

Propane Tank InstallationPropane is a common alternative to other forms of energy. Many people opt for propane tank installation whether or not access to other fuels or energy sources are readily available. This is probably due to the benefits of flexibility and freedom offered by propane use.  With propane, you don’t have to have a monthly energy bill. You can use your fuel as needed and refill as needed without monthly service charges, unless you need your tank filled at least once a month. The ability to be prepared for emergencies when other sources of energy are unavailable is another draw for many people.

Leave It to the Professionals

That said, there are still precautions and regulations regarding propane that need to be followed. For one thing, propane tank installation is not something that can be done by any regular guy on the street who thinks he is perfectly capable of the task but has no credentials and qualifications to back that up. Installing a propane tank is something that must be done by a professional who is licensed and qualified to perform the task. Not only is this the safest way to do things, it is also the legal way.

Call Us

Before your propane tank installation date, Northwest Propane, your Dallas propane provider, can help you decide what size tank you need, and what kind of service agreement will be best for your situation, as well as any preparations that must be completed before the day of the installation. Call us at 800-274-6121.

Is Propane Gas Safe to Use?

Dallas TX propane refuelingThere are several reports online that propane is not as safe as other types of gas. As a homeowner that is concerned about safety, should this concern you? While all gas used for fuel is potentially fatal, the way that propane is stored makes it one of the safest gas types on the residential market.

At Northwest Propane Gas Company, we understand that homeowners need to be educated about this gas in order to feel safe when having it installed in their homes. Detailed below, several helpful facts about propane safety are listed to help you feel confident about your next propane gas refill.

Is Being Colorless and Odorless a Bad Idea?

When you see pro-natural gas literature online, one of the main points of contention is that natural  propane gas has no color or odor. However, what this type of information fails to point out is that all residential propane has a scent added to it to make it detectable. Furthermore, the equipment associated with propane used in homes is produced under rigid standards.

In other words, gas leaks are unlikely to happen with propane, and if they do, you will be able to smell it.

Will Leaking Propane Explode?

One other criticism of propane is that it will settle because it is denser than air. This is referred to as pooling, and this information is misleading in regards to residential propane. If there is a liquid propane leak, the substance will vaporize and dissipate.

What is overlooked is that having a propane leak pooling gas in your home still does not mean it is likely to explode. Instead, research shows that propane has a fairly limited range of flammability. The propane-to-air mixture percentage that must be obtained for an explosion to occur is 2.2 to 9.6. Anything outside of this range will mean that the mixture is either too rich or too poor to ignite. In other words, propane gas safety is not something that should concern a homeowner.

How Can Propane be Environmentally Friendly?

When you read about this gas on a website from a Dallas propane gas company, you may notice that local propane is made from natural gas or petroleum refining. Compared to other gases, propane is one of the cleanest burning petroleum-related products.

One other benefit to the environment is that propane will not pollute because it is nontoxic.

Finally, propane gets extra points from the Environmental Protection Agency because it does not contribute to the production of acid rain.

Make the Switch Today

Now that you have the information you need to understand the safety aspects of propane, you can call Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121 with other concerns you may have.