Propane Gas

What Effect Will an Alternative Fuel System Have on the Durability of My Engine?

As more and more Dallas residents are exploring alternative fuel systems, we’ve gotten some of the same questions pretty routinely here at Northwest Propane Gas Company. One of those questions is, “What effect will an alternative fuel system have on the durability of my engine?” In this article, we’ll explore this question. Wear on Engine […] Read More

Consumer Questions & Answers About Propane

We get calls all the time from our Dallas clients with similar questions about propane. Therefore, Northwest Propane Gas Company decided to put together this article on some common consumer questions and answers about propane. What Can I Expect? I’ve Never Used Propane Before. In truth, it’s similar to natural gas or electric power with one […] Read More

What Are the Types of Alternative Fuels?

Many of our clients in the Dallas area call us with questions about alternative fuels. We wanted to take a little time to put together this list of the types of alternative fuels to help and answer some of those questions. In this article, Northwest Propane Gas Company looks at the top types of alternative […] Read More

Maintain Your Propane Heating Appliances

With the winter season fully upon us, you may have to bring out the heating appliances more than usual. However, you should always bear in mind that your propane fuelled heating appliances should be looked after and maintained to not only stay safe but to work to their full potential. Whether your appliances heat air or […] Read More

5 Tips for Choosing a Propane Generator

Getting a propane generator is a good idea, any way you go about it. The hard part of buying one though is choosing the right one. When you’ve decided to take that leap into a warm home and working appliances during that power outage, consider these five tips when choosing one that fits your wants […] Read More

Protecting Your Propane Tank During Hot Weather

The summer months can be extremely difficult to handle and should be approached with care. There are also items in and around your home that should be treated with more care during this time of year, as well. For instance, your propane tank should be protected when the weather outside is scorching out during the […] Read More

Best Reasons to Choose a Propane Water Heater over Electric

If you’re in the process of looking to replace your hot water heater, what is that influences your choice? Availability, purchase cost, running cost or even just ease of installation? Installation There is no doubt that a straight replacement for what you already have may make installation a little easier, but on the whole, there […] Read More

7 Ways to Benefit From Propane Gas Service

Who doesn’t want to save money, energy, and headache when thinking of energy? At Northwest Propane, we encourage homeowners to discover the array of benefits they can enjoy from propane gas service. It’s the most common method for residential alternative fuel, and for good reason. 1. Efficiency First and foremost, propane is an incredibly efficient […] Read More

Top Five Reasons for Choosing to Purchase a Gas Stove

Many people choose to purchase a gas stove because it offers a traditional cooking method with many distinct advantages. At Northwest Propane, our customers report that gas stoves provide reliable cooking results and a less expensive source of heat and energy for preparing meals. Cost, Cooking, and Reliability Advantages Turning on a gas stove produces […] Read More

Summer Safety Tips for Propane Grills

There’s nothing like standing on your patio, grilling a few burgers, and enjoying the warm summer air. However, if you have a propane grill, what was originally a peaceful, summer evening could turn into a disaster if you don’t take certain precautions. At Northwest Propane, we recommend following several basic safety guidelines every time you […] Read More