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Founded in 1846, Dallas County had less than 3,000 residents. Today, Dallas County is home to nearly 2,500,000 people. Dallas County is now the largest county in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Northwest Propane Gas Company is proud to serve your residential and commercial propane needs.

About Us

Northwest Propane Gas Company has provided propane products and delivery services since 1946. Northwest is family owned & operated since its founding; and our propane gas products are manufactured in Texas. We provide superior service for both residential and commercial customers. 

The Northwest Difference

  • Local Dispatch – No Regional Call Centers
  • Same Day Deliveries (On orders placed before noon.)
  • Committed to Customer Service
  • Family Owned and Operated Since 1946
  • Customized propane refueling programs to meet any need 

Residential Propane

We offer residential propane delivery service within 24 hours or less, 6 days a week.   

Residential Propane Services:

Auto Fill / Never Out Program

Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring

Installation / Inspection

New Construction Specials

Order fuel online or contact us toll-free at: 800-274- 6121

Commercial Propane

Northwest propane has converted more vehicles than any other company in Texas combined. We have provided conversion services for school bus and state fleets since 1989; and we have performed engine conversion services for over 60 years with over 20,000 engine conversions.

Save on Fuel: Propane is a highly efficient fuel source and costs approximately 40% less than gasoline fueled fleet, and 20% less than diesel fueled fleet. 

Save on Maintenance: Gasoline fueled engines have far more soot and acids left over after combustion. The carbon and acid buildup contributes to the breakdown of motor oil. After the motor oil is compromised, your engine undergoes more wear. This leads to increased maintenance cost. However, propane burns clean, which allows your motor oil to operate with maximum efficiency. 

Reduce Emissions: Propane is a clean fuel listed in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Propane is non-toxic and produces up to 70% fewer emissions than gasoline engines. Many newer propane fueled vehicles are EPA certified as meeting the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle standard.

Commercial Propane Services:

Forklift Fueling

Wholesale Fueling

Propane Mower Fueling

Cylinder Exchange

Patio Heater Services

Order fuel online or contact us toll-free at: 800-274- 6121