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Propane Engine Conversions


Northwest Propane has been providing clean-burning, environmentally friendly propane engine conversion services for more than 60 years. We are proud to be an industry leader, with more than 20,000 conversions performed for both public and private fleets including trucks, vans, cars and school buses.

We also serve as a technology consultant to both propane engine hardware and electronics equipment manufacturers. In addition, our company is politically active — at both state and national levels — in assisting with vehicle conversion grant assistance and alternative fuels education for public and private fleets.

Our expertise will provide you with the most viable alternative fuel solutions, going beyond the initial conversion and including maintenance and mechanic training programs.


Let us evaluate your fleet and help design a customized propane conversion solution and refueling program that will do three important things for you:

  1. save on fuel costs
  2. save on maintenance expenses
  3. help your organization become more environmentally responsible

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Northwest Propane Engine Conversion Benefits:

  • Experienced with over 20,000+ vehicle conversions to propane
  • Engine Conversion and Propane Refueling packages available
  • Propane System maintenance programs and training classes
  • Knowledgeable guidance on all state and federal grant and rebate programs
  • Free Fleet Conversion Consultation