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Propane Mower Fueling

Northwest Propane Offers EnviroGard Propane Mowers and Propane Conversion Services in Texas

propane mower fueling

Propane Mower Fueling Information

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nearly 10% of pollution in the U.S, comes from lawn care equipment.  One gasoline powered mower pollutes as much as 40 cars.  Recent changes in both EPA laws and North Central Texas Councel of Governments Clean Air Acts place limits on small engine usage on “Ozone Action” days – which now impact municipal and commercial mower fleets in the North Texas Area.
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Since 1946, Northwest Propane has provided small engine conversion services.  Northwest also serves as the exclusive Enviroguard EPA approved after market mower conversion center for the greater North Texas area. We can convert your fleet of commercial gasoline mowers to clean-burning, environmentally friendly propane and help you meet legal requirements easily. 
Mowers converted to propane can:
  • Operate during Ozone Action Days without being in violation of State and EPA Clean Air requirements
  • Provide significant fuel savings over gas or diesel mowers
  • Extend maintenance intervals and increase engine life
  • Reduce Toxic emissions by 80%
  • Reduce Particulate emissions by 60%
  • Improve environmental image with customers
  • Operate safer than gasoline
  • Eliminate fuel pilferage, theft, and spillage

In addition, there are grant programs available to assist with the conversion of mowers to propane – or for the direct purchase of OEM propane mowers. 

Contact us to learn more about mower conversions to propane and Northwest’s flexible payment and refueling options.
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Northwest Propane Mower Fueling Benefits

  • Significant Cost Savings with propane vs. gasoline or diesel
  • Significantly reduced maintenance and emissions
  • Over 60 years conversion experience with 20,000+ vehicles
  • Customized Fuel Delivery programs selling propane “By The Gallon” vs. Cylinder Exchange
  • Authorized Enviroguard  Mower Conversion & Propane System Repair Center
  • Conversion payment options to offset initial customer costs