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Propane for Public Transportation and School Bus Services in Texas

Northwest Propane Gas Company Offers Propane Gas for Public Transportation Services in Texas

Propane for Public Transportation Texas

Across the country, more and more public transportation systems are turning to propane. OEM produced propane powered school buses and after market gasoline to propane engine conversion services are available and supplemented through rebates for the vehicle purchase, the engine conversion, and the propane motor fuel. Here in North Texas, two major school districts have made the switch by working with Northwest Propane:

Dallas County Schools

Transporting 11 million student passengers annually, the fleet for Dallas County Schools includes 1,545 school buses and more than 200 other vehicles. By switching more than 500 school buses over the past 15 years, DCS has created a $400,000-per-year savings through rebates. Today, DCS runs the largest propane school bus fleet in the state of Texas.

Denton County Schools

With approximately 1.8 million student passengers per year, Denton Independent School District runs 144 school buses — with 77 of them using propane. They began adopting the use of propane 13 years ago. Denton ISD is committed to being a leader in the campaign to promote clean air, and is focused on converting to 100% propane for its fleet. Currently, Denton ISD has the fourth-largest propane school bus fleet in Texas.

For more information and to get a free fleet conversion analysis contact us or visit www.propane.tx.gov

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Blue Bird Propane School Bus

Northwest Propane Public Transportation Service Benefits:

  • More school bus conversions and successful refueling operations than any competitor since 1989
  • Conversion and Propane Refueling packages available across Texas
  • Environmentally responsible, Texas produced alternative fuel of choice
  • Propane Refueling Service Stations customized to meet your fleets needs
  • Proven track record and available references from multiple public fleets