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Residential Propane - Rebates & Incentives

Residential Propane Rebates and IncentivesHere’s a list of our current rebates and incentives – even more good reasons to be a Northwest Propane customer!

Railroad Commission of Texas Rebates: The Railroad Commission offers rebates to buyers of propane appliances. The rebate amounts, effective September 1, 2008 are:

  • $200 Installation of propane water heater in new construction
  • $350 Replacement of electric water heater with propane water heater
  • $600 Propane Star Home
  • $800 Propane Super Star Home

For further details click here or Contact Us to see how Northwest Propane can inform and assist you with all available rebates.

Northwest Propane New Construction & Builder Benefits:

  • “Service First” attitude
  • Safe & Reliable propane delivery services since 1946
  • Same day deliveries for orders made before noon
  • Family owned and operated
  • Railroad Commission Certified Propane Delivery Specialists


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