• As opposed to gasoline, work vehicles can run on propane. This may seem like crazy talk to some business owners, but to others that use propane as fuel, this is a major way they save money. So, if you’re considering […] Read More

  • With the winter season fully upon us, you may have to bring out the heating appliances more than usual. However, you should always bear in mind that your propane fuelled heating devices should be looked after and maintained to not […] Read More

  • There’s nothing worse than being without heating and hot water, especially in the cold winter months. If you’re having trouble with your pilot light, read on to find out the reasons why it may not be lighting, and how you […] Read More

  • Many of us don’t properly understand propane gas tanks and how they work. Therefore, there are some common misconceptions that we at Northwest Propane would like to put straight. The Truth Propane tanks don’t just explode. The material that propane […] Read More

  • Regardless of whether your propane tank is a portable tank or a full-size home tank, they are made of the same components. Over a period time, overuse and aging can cause your tank to make noises – the noises will […] Read More

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